Company History

As long ago as the early ’80s we recognised the problem that it was very expensive to take people who had fallen ill or been injured abroad back to their home country. So the idea came about to make use of this gap in the market – please refer here to the monopoly of other rescue organisations – and on 7 March 1989 Euroambulance was officially founded as an association for patient and emergency transport.

Then, on 3 October 1991, after overcoming some initial difficulties, SOS-Assistance-Service GMBH (Innsbruck commercial court, commercial register section B 7775) was created so jobs could be handled via an emergency call centre and the association could be relieved of the administrative burden.

After four years of international work, the highest administrative panel (UVS) recorded on 28 January 1993 that we were no longer allowed to act as a normal emergency service in all areas of health and social care. So, since then, we have been training our employees ourselves and organising professional first-aid courses in this respect, as well as training on accident prevention.

Among other things, we were given the use of an emergency ambulance and are allowed to act at a national and international (i.e. worldwide) level. But the most noteworthy point in this decision is that our association and its activities must be not-for-profit.

On 12 January 1995, the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce confirmed the name change from “SOS-Assistance-Service” to EUROAMBULANCE GMBH as a company operating across Europe, because it sends out an appropriate message about the company. However, the association and the limited liability company (GMBH) still continue to conduct their business separately from each other.

Because our company continued to grow, we were soon looking for a suitable headquarters that provided enough space for our fleet of vehicles, as well as office material relating to thousands of jobs. After several moves, we found an ideal place with excellent transport connections on one of Innsbruck’s main arterial roads. Since then, the head offices of the association and the limited company have been at Rennweg 16, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria.

Our emergency vehicles had been equipped with blue lights and special features right from the start, but in 2012, after comprehensive testing by the highest Tyrolean police authority, they were also assigned to the ancillary ambulance service.

Our reliability and professionalism have been confirmed by years of successful collaboration with our customers. Right from day one, we have provided guaranteed control of the commercial and medical operations, from collection to destination. We are at your service on the roads. Anytime, anywhere.