Types of Transport

Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, we provide different types of patient transport.

For people who do not need medical care, but for whom it is impractical to travel by public transport, we recommend the more financially attractive car transport.

If the patient is not acutely injured or sick, but needs ambulance equipment for a suitable transfer, we can provide appropriate specialist personnel and patient transport ambulances (PTAs) that are equipped well beyond DIN standards

If the patient needs medical supervision and care during transportation, our PTAs are supplied with the same equipment as emergency ambulances – and we also operate our equipment here under strict EU directives.

In particularly severe cases of illness or injury where the patient needs a mobile intensive care unit and complete medical care, we provide specially constructed mobile intensive care units (MICUs), so as not to impair the patient’s condition unnecessarily.

Top quality is our standard, and so high quality intensive care transport, comprised of vehicle, equipment, hygiene and specialist personnel, is of paramount importance.

The mode of transport is focused on the diagnosis of the doctor in charge, the instructions of the relevant operations centre and the patient’s requirement.