Emergency vehicles


For the first time, Euroambulance patient transport vehicles have been certified by the Institute for Quality Management in Patient Transport (IQPT), the first European quality seal conferred.

Euroambulance commissions new intensive care unit:
Starting now, there is another modern, next generation emergency vehicle available “for quality ground-based intensive care transport”. This intensive care transport vehicle has medical equipment far exceeding the requirements of DIN standard 1789 and DIN EN 75076.

“Building on the Genios model of the well-known emergency vehicle manufacturer PROFILE in Finland, modern materials from vehicle constructions, e.g. carbon fibres were used,” explains Siegfried Binder, Professor (University “Progres” Gyumri), managing director of Euroambulance. For this purpose, the original profile Genios was adapted to a long-distance-capable version. This vehicle guarantees highest quality to patients and accompanying personnel. In the intensive care mobile, the accompanying doctor will find a multifunctional computer termination from which the entire patient monitoring process can be controlled, as well as an additional high-quality “Maquet Servo I” ventilation unit. The Mercedes Sprinter 319-based vehicle with six cylinders and 190 PS has a total weight of under 3.5 t despite high-quality, comprehensive special equipment and can thus be used without problems without the traffic restrictions for vehicles over 3.5 t. Europe-wide reparations can therefore without violating official road traffic ordinances, be used, thus ensuring patient transport without restrictions.

Euroambulance as fond of ideas and co-developer
“The experience and background knowledge from many years of practice in patient and intensive care transport went into the new Profile model,” confirms Siegfried Binder.